Our Treatments

Our initial consultation involves taking a full medical history and physical examination to find the cause of your problem. We will always ask that you bring any x-rays you may already have with you to your first consultation. On some occasions you may need to have a weight bearing x-ray. This involves no cost to you as it is covered by Medicare. We will of course discuss this with you if this is the case.

Our initial assessment will enable us to determine if you have a chiropractic condition or if you need to be referred to another specialist such as a GP. We work closely with doctors, podiatrists, acupuncturists and other health specialists so that you get the best of care.

Lane Chiropractic uses safe, gentle and effective methods based on what you need. Our techniques include: Gonstead Diversified manual technique, Activator Trigger Point Therapy, Peripheral adjustments, Muscle release and soft tissue work, and muscle stimulation therapy. We can also provide: Ergonomic setup and Postural advice, Sleeping posture, Sport performance and injury management programs.