Is Your SI Joint Causing a Problem?

If you feel pain in your lower back when you stand up from your chair, it could be your sacroiliac joint.

We have two sacroiliac joints in our lower backs, which sit on either side of the spine. They carry the weight of our upper bodies when we stand, walk or shift loads on our legs.

Sacroiliac pain can be dull or sharp. It starts at the sacroiliac joint but can then move to the buttocks, thigh, groin or even upper back.

Sometimes standing up triggers the pain, and a lot of times pain may only be on one side of the lower back. It may bother you more in the morning and get better during the day.

Pain starts when the sacroiliac joint gets inflamed, which may be caused by a sporting injury, a fall, ligament damage, pregnancy or uneven strides due to one leg being slightly longer than the other.

There is a type of arthritis called ankylosingspondylitis that can damage the sacroiliac joint. You’ll also hurt when the cartilage over the sacroiliac joint slowly wears away as you age.

Chiropractic care can help to relieve inflammation and reduce sacroiliac joint pain.

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