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Why your back can cause limb pain

If you have persistent or recurring headaches or pain in your limbs or joints that can’t be explained, it could be coming from your back.

You may experience referral pain in one part of your body but it comes from another part, most commonly from your spine.

This is because our spines are very complex with many nerves that are connected to other parts of our body.  Problems with the spine, such as an injury, disc bulge or disc herniation may not necessarily present as back pain.  They can sometimes appear as knee, hip, arm or leg pain.

So how do you know when the pain you experience in one part of your body is coming from your back? There are three ways to identify if your joint or limb pain is really back pain.

  1. Do you have any back pain along with your joint or limb pain?

If you have back soreness that accompanies your joint or limb pain, it may be your back causing pain in multiple areas of your body.

2. Are you experiencing back stiffness that is limiting your range of movement? 

Stiffness in your back may be a sign of disc bulge, with the pain from your spine travelling down a nerve to another part of your body.

3. Does the joint or limb pain keep returning and your health professional can’t find an obvious cause?

If there is no obvious cause for pain on one part of your body, it could be due to pain referring from your spine.

Chiropractors are trained to identify and treat the cause of pain that refers from the spine. Early diagnosis and treatment is important to avoid more complicated health problems.

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